Thursday, August 18, 2011


Yesterday I had a cup of orange juice for lunch and another cup of orange juice for supper.  I have had a low energy day.  The doctor says many times the energy is lower for a few days after the fast than it was during the fast because now energy is going to digestion.

Penny spent the day in Kuranda.  Tina is working at a German restaurant in Kuranda, so Penny caught a ride in with their family.  She explored the galleries there and visited the falls.  She took her fruit and nut lunch with her and ate it at the park.  They came back after Tina got off work and the kids got out of school.

I rested a lot, did hand laundry, and worked on packing for my trip.  John gave me a stack of books to take to Melbourne so now I have to figure out how to fit them in my little suitcase.

We have a bat that is terrorizing our toilet at night.  He poops all over the bathroom and pees on our toilet paper.  We want him to go somewhere else.  Penny saw him last night when she went out about 8:00.  She happened to look up and there he was...fat and disgusting.

I watered my little pants today, took a shower, and had my consultation at 2:00.

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