Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Concert at the Octagon

I woke up at 2:30 and finally got up at 4:00 to start reading.

John is still down and out, so I moved the hoses at 7:00  I got on the computer briefly after that, but soon lost my internet connection.   I read in the book Farmers of Forty Centuries.  I helped John move the hoses at 9:00 and got instructions on which trees to water next.  He's giving all the young trees a good soaking before he leaves for the month of September.  Since John wasn't working, I studied, read, weeded a flower bed, and moved the hoses every two hours to keep myself busy today.

There is a team grading the road.  John asked me if I would go ask them what it would cost for them to grade his driveway.  I walked down the road...past the nudist colony...almost to Cedar Park Resort before I found them.  My powers of persuasion fell short, though.  The man driving the grader said they were not doing the personal drives because of liability issues.  They are only doing the jobs the council is paying them to do.  (He did tell me there is someone from Texas working at Cedar Park Resort.  Evidently, he refused to do their drive, also.)  It took me an hour to walk over there and back.

For lunch, I had pomelo, avocado, black sapote, and coconut.

I sent in my anwers to the questions for my lesson this afternoon before supper.  For supper I had my new favorite salad:  Dressing of lemon juice, olive oil and hone.  Veggies of finely chopped lettuces, arugula, and parsley and cucumber thinly sliced on the mandolin.  This is soooo good.  Also had some sauerkraut.

I went to a concert tonight with Sarina, Tina, and Tina's children, Sky and Leon.  It was an intimate house concert...probably about 30-40 people there.  They called it Sisters in Song at the Octagon.  The Octagon was the most amazing, beautiful private home.  It is in the rain forest...octagon shaped.  It had an Asian/Tropical feel.  The walls slide open onto a gorgeous deck.  The gardens were absolutely beautiful.  AND I LEFT MY CAMERA AT HOME!   The first performer was Loren Kate.  I bought her CD's.  Her voice and songs were beautiful.
The second performer was Astrid Elika.  She is John's neighbor here at Clohesy.  Astrid plays the harp...she's an original and very funny.  It was fun.  Sweet of Tina to include me.

To health and happiness.

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