Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No Computer

I was without computer for almost three days.  I have been blaming it on the 240 volt batteries, but John says it's not the batteries.  He says it is the broadband satellite connection.  I hope it is fixed now.  I suspect I was not plugged in good.

On Sunday I planted seeds in our vegetable garden:  Shanghai Paak Tsoi, Cherry Belle Radish, Chinese Cabbage Pak Choi Kwang Moon, and Tatsoi.  I planted plants of Green Pak Choi, Salad Rocket (Arugula), and Cos Lettuce.  I'm pretty sure I got distracted visiting with Karen and planted four arugula plants in the row I had already planted radishes in.

After that, I helped John plant a new mango tree.  This little baby got lots of food - blue stone, fertilizer, compost...layer after layer to fill the hole.  Then we fed around the perimeter of the tree, blue stone, fertilizer, compost, and mulch.

Lunch was papaya, black sapote, sapadilla, banana, avocado, and coconut.

Karen and I sunbathed.  We had consultations at 2:00.  Karen is on Day Nine of her fast.  Lying directly on the ground to sunbathe (or on a tarp) enables you to absorb radiations from the earth as well as radiations from the sun.  It is healing to do so.

Supper was lettuces and parsley from the garden, chopped tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, sauerkraut, pecans and two dates.  I made a dressing by mashing my avocado with a fork and adding some of the tomatoes and tomato juice, and some of the juice from the jar of kraut.

I am reading a book called Farmers of Forty Centuries or Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea, and Japan by F. H. King.  It is a 1949 edition.

I am looking for a list of all the crops that will grow in Garland County, Arkansas.  Where would be the best place to find that list?

At dinner John asked how it will affect me if the U.S. economy were to collapse.  I don't know the answer to that question, but I began to tell him about the desperate poverty that many families experienced in Arkansas as recently as 50-80 years ago.  One thing lead to another and I ended up talking his ear off about early American history, the Civil War, and Baptist history.

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  1. Hi, it is still very hot here, but not and then I can feel a good breeze, and it reminds me that the seasons are changing, that fall will be here soon. Your time there is going to be over before long because you will be home before winter arrives. You asked about the list of crops that will grow in Garland County. That list is available for the Garland County Home Extension office. The woman in charge of the Pulaski County Extension office did our training on our gardens, and she gave us a book that had that list in it. Are you wanting the list not or when you get home? If you want it now, I can send you a list of crops. If not, your county agent will be your best friend. Where do you think you will find the blue stone, the crushed rock? My garden is only blooms, no vegetables. They say it is due to a lack of bees in the area. It certainly is much work and much expense not to produce any vegetables.