Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ashlyn's Birthday

I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and heard John leave for Cairns about 4:00.  It was a colder than normal morning which made it hard to get up.

At 7:00 I got on-line and checked emails and Facebook.  Today is my grand-daughter, Ashlyn's birthday.  It's also the Rich Mountain Association today.  I wish I could be at both of these places.

The sun came out, and it warmed up nicely so Penny and I visited on the covered patio.

I signed up for a global roaming plan for my iphone for while I am traveling.  Also, trying to get my travel dates extended with Bank of America, but the numbers they gave me to call while I am out of the country aren't working.  Hopefully, they will let dear hubby, Travis, take care of it for me.

Skype is wonderful!  I got to go to Ashlyn's birthday party after all.  She had a houseful of girlfriends, and they were partying big time.  Ken even gave me a piece of birthday cake.  I got to see Zac, Braeden, and Molly, too.  It was ALMOST like being there.

Lunch was tomatoes.  John brought them from the market this morning claiming that they are supposed to be the very best.  The are called Bullock's Heart tomatoes  There were excellent!  Although he served me two large one, I could only eat one.  I sat outside in the sunshine to eat it and enjoyed every bite.

Today I did laundry, cleaned out my Lugable Loo, worked on the computer and read.  I started a biography of Rembrandt.

"Strange, very strange!  Rembrandt died right here in this town, and I did not even know he was still alive!" - Quote in book attributed to Joost van den Vondl, the poet.

I stayed at the computer too long and got too tired.  I'm nauseous again.  I had a tomato for supper but wasn't able to eat it.

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