Monday, August 15, 2011

Day Eight

I am on the eighth day of the fast.   Today I am feeling very lazy.  I have spent most of the day in bed, although I did manage to do some hand laundry, take a shower, wash my tennis shoes, plant two watermelon seeds in a little six pack, and start figuring out what to pack on my trip.

I still feel asthma, tongue is still coated, and there is a funky smell from my right armpit which is from the liver detoxing.  I'm ready to get some orange juice....but I don't want to cut the fast short and not get all the good I can out of this experience.   It would be better to get all the morbid matter cleaned out that is possible before moving on.

I have started working on my speech to give in Melbourne.  I am going to call it My Journey to Raw.

I'm good.   Hope you are, too.

Stay healthy.  Be happy.

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  1. Hi Janis, I wanted to make a suggestion about your trip and especially when you give your speech. It's good that you are giving it a title. Always title, put the date and place where you gave the speech at the top. And compose it into a written speech. This will go onto your website as one of your presentations under Publications and Presentations. You can also make it available to other people after you give your speech by putting it on your website. Be sure to get someone to take close-up photos of you giving your speech, and if possible, get someone to take some video of you giving it, too. Have them get as close as possible, not from the back of the room, but right up in front of everyone. You will want to use those photos of you giving your speech, and also of you visiting with people who attend. I just didn't want you to let this opportunity pass without getting good photos. Have you thought of playing some meditation music while you are giving your speech? Something like Enya or nature sounds?