Friday, August 26, 2011

Hair Cut

I woke up at 10:20 p.m. and laid awake most of the night.  I guess I was worried about oversleeping.  Of course, I dozed off about time to get up.

We took Penny by the airport to drop her luggage off in a locker, then she went to town with us.  We went to Rusty's Market where I visited with Carol a few minutes.  John bought papaya, tomatoes and avocadoes.  We didn't need much this week.

I got on-line at the radio station and chatted with DIL, Amy, and grandson, Caleb.

John dropped Penny and me off at Cairns Central Mall while he went to talk to man about buying some compost.  I mailed two letters at the Post Office and then found a girl named Louisa at Hairhouse Warehouse to cut my hair.  She did a good job, and I bought some Bedhead Manipulator and a leave-in condition to hopefully help me style this hair without a blow dryer.

John picked us up at 10:00 and we went to Rusty's for sugar cane drinks.  This is where we said good-bye to Penny.  John and I then went to the health food store for pecans.  Then we went to Target to get me some canvas tennis shoes to work it.  They were $8.00.  I also got some socks and two pair of black tights to wear when I go down south where it will be cold.  Last stop was Captain Cook's Laundry to drop off our dirty laundry and pick up our clean.

Lunch today was papaya, black sapote, yellow sapote, banana, avocado, and coconut.

I got to see Tina for a few minutes today, and we talked about playing flutes again one of these days.  She was getting a jug of water from the rain tank and hauling it to her house in her new black wheelbarrow with red wheels.

Consultation at 2:00.  Today is the last time I will be checked as relating to the fast.  I'm feeling good.

I washed my New Balance shoes and brushed them good.  I won't have to work in them anymore.  I plan on wearing them when I tour Australia.

Supper was lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, salad dressing (olive oil, lemon juice, honey, parsley), and sauerkraut.

I went to bed early, since I didn't sleep much last night.

To health and happiness.

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