Friday, August 19, 2011


It was a terrible night.  The nausea was bad, and I only slept about four hours.  The smell of everything made me sick.  The taste of water made me sick, yet I was extremely thirsty.  There is a sickening taste in my mouth.  This comes from stopping the fast early.  My body is still trying to fast, and we are switching horses in mid-stream so to speak.

I finished my speech.  Now I just need to practice it a little bit.  I'm also still working on reading through the Bible.

During the day I felt a little better.  I continued doing hand laundry and re-arranging my suitcase.  A good sign I am feeling better...I tweezed my eyebrows!  John was nice enough to bring me some bottled spring water.  I hate to be supporting privatized water in plastic bottles, but the rain water was making the nausea worse.

Lunch was watermelon...and not a very good watermelon, either.  Arkansas melons are the best.  This one was actually horrible.  You'd think a faster wouldn't be so picky.

Consultation was at 2:00.  I had a paper written out to read to John on what all I was experiencing and what I thought I needed.  haha  He gave me his sweet smile and listened politely.  I don't think I phased him at all, though.  Basically what I am craving is salt, oil, and starch.  He said, "We'll see what we can do."  We also talked about emotional health and being able to freely express emotion.  It was a good session.

Supper was more watermelon....still not good.

The nights are long when you are not feeling well.  Once it gets dark, I can't hold my eyes open..then I wake up in the middle of the night while it is still dark.  I went to sleep at 8:00.

No problem with asthma today and the nausea was much better by the end of the day.  My energy levels are starting to rise.

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