Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Salad Dressing

I woke up at 1:00 a.m. and stayed awake several hours before going back to sleep.  Lots of thinking and praying time with no distractions.  I woke up again at 6:45.

I talked to Travis on Skype today.  It was a good visit.  He's getting ready for football season and grand kids school events.

My body is still in healing mode, so I took it easy today.  I checked out Ben building some stakes for our tomatoes from bamboo poles he cut down by the river.

I weeded a flower bed, cleaned the shower and toilets, and rested.  I grated some of the coconut for lunch.

Lunch was banana, coconut, 1/3 of a lemonade fruit, and some watermelon.  I LOVE lemonade fruit.  It's a lemony citrus, but it's not sour.  It tastes like lemonade.  It's also known as a Meyer lemon.

I was glad to hear from my Philly family that all is well with them after the earthquake.  Caleb messaged me that it was quite an experience.  It must have been scary for them.

I got a letter from my Mom and a note and picture from Travis.  Travis sent me a picture of him fishing on Lake DeSota so I won't forget what he looks like.

Consultations at 2:00.  Then I got on-line for a bit.  But I spent most of my time resting and reading.  I finished the biography on the Brownings and started on the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

Supper..HAPPY DAY..I got to make a salad dressing from olive oil, lemon juice, honey and parsley.  I ate it on a salad made of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and avocado.  I did not want any pecans or dates tonight.

I looked through all the magazines for pictures of short haircuts for inspiration.  All the magazines here are 3-5 years old, though.

To health and happiness.

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