Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Internship is 25% Completed

This morning I planted seeds in the veggie garden:  lambs lettuce, radishes, Chinese cabbage, and paak tsoi.  Then I helped John plant more trees.

While getting mulch today, I got in with some Mexican fire ants.  I don't know how Mexican fire ants got to Clohesy (Kunandra), Australia.

Holes dug for new trees.

Here I am pushing a load of compost.

New trees planted.

The veggie garden is growing.
 Today at lunch I ate my fuit in reverse order....least favorite to favorite.  I ate black sapote, sapadilla, papaya with coconut, banana with coconut, and mango with coconut.

Karen broke her fast today.  She had a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice in her room.  She was instructed to sip it very slowly with a spoon.  To drink it quickly can cause you to go unconscious.  It's important to break the fast properly.  She took the advice seriously and took 1-1/2 hours to drink her cup of juice.

John and I went to Mareeba to take his generator in for servicing.  It needs something done to the valves.  I wasn't really paying attention.  We will have to go back tomorrow to pick it up.  John went to another hardware store and bought a water hose and some fittings.  His next project is to fix up a system to water his new avocado orchard.

I looked at the seeds while he was shopping and noticed three kinds of watermelon seeds.  Since John doesn't buy watermelon, I asked him if he has a place where I can plant some watermelons.  He thought a bit and then said he knew a good place.  Tomorrow I plan to buy watermelon seeds.

I went to Lifeline (second-hand store) and found two pair of shorts and two sleeveless shirts for $14.00 total.  I am trying to avoid a farmer's tan.

Consultations were late...3:30.  I got on line for the first time in a few days.

Supper was lettuces, tomato, avocado, sauerkraut, pecans and dates.  Karen had fresh squeezed orange juice.  I got on the computer again after supper until dark, about 6:30.  Then I read.

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  1. ohh....so it's not a farmers tan if it is tank-top lines. Good then I don't have a farmers tan. LOL I hope you enjoy your tanning. There are some days here I have to be careful just hanging out the laundry not to get a burn...but not this week. Miss you bunches.