Friday, August 12, 2011

Healing Crisis

This is day five of a fast.  I planted tomatoes on Tuesday, but by the time I was finished I could barely walk.  While we were preparing lunch, I told John, I was nauseous.  He said, "Then it's time for you to stop eating".  So very gladly I went to my room and crawled under my covers.  I was running a temperature of over 100 degrees, headache, diarrhea,  lower back pain...I could go on and on.  In Nature Cure this is called a healing crisis.

A healing crisis occurs when your body has built up enough vitality to make a giant purge of toxins.  It feels awful, but the results on the other side will be so worth it.  I have never fasted five days before.  I fasted for three days with John's long distance supervision from my home, but it was more difficult by far than this has been.  One reason is because my body was ready for this and another is because my dear husband is not smelling up the house with popcorn, lemon pepper chicken, summer sausage, etc.  Disgusting stuff....(not the popcorn).  But even popcorn is not nice to bring around a fasting person.

I feel better today, but I doubt I will break my fast today.  I still feel a tiny bit of nausea.  I have been up for two hours, but I am ready to go snuggle back under my covers for a while.

I recommend an author for you book lovers.....Bryce Courtenay.  He is an Australian writer.  I read book three in a trilogy called Solomon's Song.  It is part of the Potato Factory series.  The first book is The Potato Factory, followed by Tommo & Hawk, then Solomon's Song.   I think John has some of his other books which I plan to borrow.

All's well here.   Stay healthy and happy.

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  1. I thought of you and the farm so much while I was in the hospital. You know, these adhesions are not getting any better. Not sure there is anything on earth that can be done about them. And I have no idea how I would ever get through a fast (without an IV of fluids to hydrate) when my bowel blocks, can't hold anything down (or want to), and the pain feels like contractions during late labor. Has John ever treated patients with masses of adhesions like this? Do they just die, or their bodies explode when nothing gets through their colon? The pain is so great. I ate nothing but ice chips a few days. You know, I have gone several years at a time without a flare up, but this is my second episode in 2011, which is very unusual. When my bowel blocks and that cramping starts, I cannot stand the pain. It is the worst pain that I have ever felt, worse than any back pain. A blocked bowel will kill you fairly quickly. I thought about being on the farm and lying there dying. But I am very glad to be home and resting today. It has been very pleasant. The family plans to celebrate with me tomorrow.