Saturday, August 6, 2011

Penny's Arrival

I slept until 7:00, did my exercises, and dressed for a chilly, rainy day.  I made several attempts to get on-line but didn't have any luck during the morning.  I swept the cabin for the new arrival, cleaned my room, cleaned my Lugable Loo, and cleaned the bathrooms.  I also read in the novel I'm reading.  It's a perfect book for curling up on a rainy day.

"There is something about being in a very expensive hotel that is the opposite of character forming.  There is a strong sense born at the reception desk that the servility and cosseting on offer are an absolute right to be maintained at all times, and from which the most momentary lapse is an outrage." - From the novel Sheer Abandon

I had lunch alone so I had 1/2 of a coconut.  I didn't shred it.  I just whacked it out of the shell and ate it in chunks.  I also had a black sapote, 1/3 of a papaya left from yesterday, a mango and a banana.

After lunch I was able to get on-line long enough to check my messages and download a call from my Extrawdinary Life Coach, Karen Knowler.  I managed to listen to the call.

John arrived about 2:00 with the new client, Penny.  We had consultations about 3:00.  Penny's goal is to cleanse from aluminum toxicity and to get off of insulin.  Her case will be different because of the diabetes.  She will be monitoring her sugar and taking insulin as needed.

I read my book until 4:30.  Penny and I picked our green leaves from the garden and went to dinner.  Dinner was green leaves, tomato, avocado, cucumber, sauerkraut, pecans, and one date.

When Penny was nineteen years old, she and her Dad sailed from England to Australia on a 26-foot yacht.  She was twenty-one when they arrived.  It took them nineteen months.  They had some adventures along the way.  Her Dad knew about sailing in theory only when they started out.  It was fascinating hearing about their first big challenge as they tried to go into port in Spain during a storm.  Her Dad is 95 years old not and would love to sail again if he were able.

I practiced flute, studied pediatrics lesson, and read my novel.

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