Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Healing Crisis...Not Me

I woke up at 1:30 a.m....finally got up at 2:30 to read.  I read my Bible readings and some in the Pearl Buck biography.  After awhile I went back to sleep and got up again at 6:30.

I talked to Travis on Skype.  He's been working in the garden at home...has arugula coming up from seed, and he planted some kale.

Today I weeded the vegetable garden and planted the honey dew and one package of the Sugar Baby watermelons.  There were eight honey dew seeds in the package.  I planted two mounds of watermelons with three seeds in each mound.  The rest of them I planted in a furrow, two seeds together about a foot apart.  John thinks the furrow is the best way...the package says to plant in mounds...so we'll see what comes up.  I used the cow manure and our regular compost to cover the seeds.

I'm responsible for the watering this afternoon.  John has gone into a healing crisis.  I asked him if he was feeling bad.  He said, "No, I'm feeling good.  Most people would say they are feeling bad, but I'm thankful my body is still working for me".  He didn't eat any lunch.  He swam in the river, started fasting, and went to bed to ride it out.

Watering the trees is a full-time job this time of year.  The hoses are put on a tree or two and left for two hours.  The hoses are moved to the next trees every two hours.  The water used for this watering is pumped from the Clohesy River.

Pumping water from the Clohesy River to the farm.

Lunch was papaya, sapadilla, orange, and coconut.  I didn't want my banana.  Since John is fasting, I ate at my cabin and read Pearl Buck.

I got some computer time and reading time before time to move the hoses.  I studied my natural hygiene and answered the questions for my lesson.  Maybe I'll get them typed up and sent in tomorrow.

I checked on John before supper.  He just wanted a two-liter bottle filled up with water from the rain tank.

I turned off the hoses on the trees at 5:00 but then moved one of the hoses over to the newly planted melons and watered them for an hour.

Supper was salad dressing with sliced cucumbers, lettuces, arugula, and parsley....so good.  Also had sauerkraut and pecans.    Still reading about Pearl Buck.

To health and happiness.


  1. Is the water wheel used to pump the water? I have always thought that water wheels were the cleanest source of energy. Just not widely available. Love you