Saturday, August 27, 2011

My First Jackfruit

I slept good.  I got up about 7:00, read, did some hand laundry, and checked messages on the computer.  It's so good to get little messages from folks at home.  I'm still going over my speech, too.  My flight arrives in Melbourne on Sunday at 11:45 a.m.  My speech is at 2:00 p.m. in Elwood, and I have to get there on a bus.  Do you think there is a chance I will be late?

I cleaned out my Lugable Loo and then just enjoyed the morning after that.  I love my $8.00 shoes.  I don't have to worry about messing them up.  When I get home, I'll have to get me a pair just like them.

Lunch was papaya, black sapote, banana, and coconut.  I didn't want my avocado.  I got to try my first jackfruit.  It looks like a dead sea creature, and it tastes like bubble gum.  It's stringy and chewy.  It either has to slide down or get chewed on and spit out.

The inside of the jackfruit.

The outside of the jackfruit.

The part you eat of the jackfruit.

I got my Anatomy Lesson on The Digestive Tract - Part 4 - typed up and sent in.  Then checked messages and had a restful afternoon.  I finished reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.  Love Benjamin Franklin.   Also sending love and prayers to my Philly family as they brace for a stormy week-end.

I started reading a biography of Pearl S. Buck by Theodor F. Harris.

We'll do anything to get well EXCEPT to stop doing what's killing us. - Roy Masters

To health and happiness.

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