Sunday, August 28, 2011

Skype Call

I got to talk to my Mom, Travis, Molly, Ashlyn, Zac, Braeden and Ken on Skype.  We had a nice long chat.  Ashlyn showed me all the farm animals she and her friend, Grace, have made.  Molly was making baked potatoes for all of them to eat.  Mom was enjoying being there with the family.  

I planted 23 tomato plants today...alternating them with the pineapples.

John had some extra black sapotes, so I took them over to Tina's and Jonathon's.  We always eat the black sapotes raw.  Tina and Jonathon eat some cooked foods, and Tina said if she had an oven she would make a cake from them.

Lunch was papaya, avocado, sapadilla, black sapote, and coconut.  Consultation today was over lunch, and we talked about emotional health and controlling people.  I'm still working on myself......

In the afternoon, I got on-line, checked messages, payed a bill or two, and sent in my lesson on the the Philosophy of Nature Cure.

Supper was cucumber sliced on the mandolin and some chopped up lettuce leaves put into the salad dressing.  I mashed up some avocado with a little of the salad dressing, chopped up some tomatoes and sprinkled with some salad dressing, and some sauerkraut.  It was good. careful when slicing on the mandolin.  I lost part of a knuckle.

Tina and I played flutes together after much fun.  We are going to play again tomorrow.

Philly family made it okay through the storm.

I read some in the Pearl Buck biography.

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