Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Australian Army Band

The light in my room burned out.  I pulled the bed over to stand on but wasn't able to figure out how to remove the cover.  I left David a note, and he called maintenance to come fix it.  The won't come until tomorrow, though.

Today is the day to go back on all raw.  I don't like the way I feel...hemmoroids, puffy face, and swollen hands and ankles.  The body is doing the right things with what it is being given to work with.  I just need to give it better stuff to work with!

The philosopher's stone:  Each of us has a God-given right to individual freedom.

I took the bus into Brisbane and got off at Elizabeth Street.  It's just a block to the Queen St. Mall.  I took the escalator up into a shopping mall and browsed in a craft store.  I almost talked myself into buying a "How to Knit" book, needles and some Australian wool to knit a scarf.  Almost.  I'm still trying to decide.  Pros...It's a useful skill and it's something to do in idle moments at the farm and other places.  Cons...I'm not very crafty and for the price of the book and the yarn I can buy a wool scarf.  Buying a scarf, though, is not the same as making your own scarf.  It's the difference between buying veggies at Wal-Mart and growing your own in your backyard.

I went back to the Oasis Juice Bar and ordered Juice #2, the Ibiza Islander with orange, apple, pineapple, and passion fruit.  Very good.

Albert Street Uniting Church is a beautiful old church just off the Queen St. Mall.  It is a Wesley Mission now.  I toured the Art From The Margins Exhibition there.  All the artists live in challenging circumstances...homeless, mental illness, prison, physical disability, etc.  I voted for my favorite, a lady in a hat by Fiona Crowe.  Another one I liked looked like a child's painting, but the message was too deep for a child.  It showed a man swimming in a river with an open-mouthed crocodile coming along behind him.  The title of this painting was Life Be In It.  The artist was named Peter Brown.  I took a picture of it to send to Peter Brown, my former boss at Ryerson.

I ate my lunch on a bench outside the Albert St. Church.  Lunch was avocado, grapes, watermelon, and seeds/nuts/fruit mix.

At 11:30 I went back into the church to get a good seat for the free Lunchtime Concert.  The performing group was ensembles from the Australian Army Band.  A woodwind quintet made up of a flute, oboe, bassoon,French horn, and clarinet performed first.  I didin't get the names of all the pieces, but they played Jurasic Park...arranged by the fluitist...a tango named Oblivion...arranged by the oboist, Petite Symphony, Schindler's List, and Can Can.  The flute player was awesome.  All were exceptionally talented.

A brass duet of a tuba and an alto horn played a fugal piece by Bach...Concerto in D I think.  A brass quintet played Gershwin's Love is Here to Stay from An American in Paris, and the theme from the Pink Panther.  A ten piece brass group finished up with a sacred piece and a Canadian Brass piece.  It was a wonderful concert.

I sat beside and in front of four ladies named Dawn, Marjorie, Pam and Barbara.  Marjorie heard me telling Dawn where I am staying at Clohesy River, and she began to tell about living at Atherton up on the tablelands not far from Mareeba.  These ladies insisted that I need to go to the Gold Coast.  They suggested Pacific Fair as the best place for me.

I walked down Ann Street to Central Station and checked on what I need to do to go the the Gold Coast.  The ticket man said to buy a 14 zone ticket from the bus driver in Capalaba, get off at Central Station, take the train to Nerang, and take the bus to Pacific Fair.

After taking the bus back to Capalaba, I bought a few things at Woolworths...avocado, watermelon, onion, corn, tomato, barbecue sauce.

David was off work today, so I got a chance to visit with him a little while.  My supper was so good.  I spread avocado on a lettuce leaf and layered corn, topped green onion, radish and tomato, topped with barbecue sauce.  I had four of these.  David fried some french fries (chips) cruel...I ate a few of them.

We walked to the shopping center after supper so David could show me the cinema.  I plan on going to the Gold Coast tomorrow, but Friday and Saturday I am going to stay around here, do laundry, pack, and go to movies.  Brisbane is so spread out, it's not easy to get around without a car.  Besides, I am running out of steam.

After the walk, we had watermelon, and I showed David pictures of my family on Facebook and the video I made about driving to Old Union.

Sorry I can't post any pictures this week.

To health and happiness.

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