Monday, September 19, 2011

Sort of Lost

I dreamed about friends that have passed on again.  This time it was Max and Benny Weisenborn.  Max had just started redecorating the house when she died.  There was lots of food brought in as is the custom.  I offered her son a chocolate chip/raisin cookie.  He said, "I love chocolate chip/raisin cookies."  When I told him his mother had made these particular cookies before she died, it made it even more special.  Benny then began to redecorate the house, and he was choosing lovely things.  That's when I woke up. 

It was a day of learning my environment here in Capalaba.  I packed my lunch and took off down the trail that David showed me yesterday.  Nothing looked familiar, but I walked it out all the way to the highway.  I thought possibly I had walked the wrong I turned around, retraced my steps and walked the other way.  Nothing looked familiar.  A man walking towards me told me he was walking to a shopping center, so I followed him back along the way I had first gone.  To make a long and tedious story short, I walked for over three hours without ever getting my bearings.  I knew I was in the right area because I found the bus stop, and I remembered the library.  I was so tired and thirsty and my leg was hurting, so I ate my lunch about 10:00...avocado, pear, apple, seeds and nuts.

I found a second-hand store and bought a book for 50 cents...Pomegranite Soup by Marsha Mehran.  Thumbs up on this book.  I think all my girls will like this book.  It's about three sisters who left Iran at the beginning of the revolution and ended up opening a restaurant in Ireland.

When I got back to David's townwhouse he told me I was in the right place.  I rested, read my book, and napped for a couple of hours, then got up and tried again.  This time, I had more confidence and more information.  Woolworth's is a grocery store chain here in Australia.  I bought an avocado, salad dressing and a lemon there.  At Mango Mick's I got a slice of watermelon, tomatoes, green onions, two bananas, 3 ears of corn, and nuts.

David was gone to work when I got back, so I used his computer to check Facebook and emails.  Supper was corn (raw on the good), salad, watermelon, and nuts.

I'm loving the nice shower.  I got on my pajamas, and read my book until I couldn't stay awake any more.

So nothing much happened today, except I did a lot of walking, figured out how to get into Brisbane on the bus, and learned how to get around the neighborhood here in Capalaba.

To health and happiness.

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  1. Brisbane is a big place. I'm trying to keep up with you on the map, but you are in totally new territory in my mind. How brave you are? Are you doing massive research before you get to a place, or just exploring it after you arrive? I don't have any big news. I just wanted to let you know I think about you daily, wishing you good travel vibes and hope it is all you want it to be. It's okay to get lost. When I lived in Strasbourg, France that summer, I got lost all the time. I didn't have money for a great map or to take the bus very often. I had to walk everywhere. I still don't know how to get around in that city. That was right after I had that major surgery for adhesions and my surgeon let me make the trip two weeks after surgery. I think I was in trauma shock the whole time. But you're not like that. Your mind is sharp and you've got it all mapped out. I'm sure some exciting things are going to happen to you today. I love you.