Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sydney to Brisbane

This was a travel day.  My flight to Brisbane was at 11:05, but the Sydney Shuttle picked me up at 7:30.  After my experience with Sydney Shuttle coming into Sydney, I decided not to take any chances by taking a later shuttle.

I talked to Travis on Skype message this morning.  He was watching football and waiting on the Razorbacks to play.  Woo Pig Sooie!  Missing football season is not a good thing.  They play a type of football here, and they refer to the game as a footie.  You can go into a sports bar and watch the footie on television.

When I left Sydney Central Hostel at 7:10 a.m. there was no one at the reception desk.  Someone had thrown a rock or something at the glass front door and shattered it.  The glass was still in the doorframe, but was totally shattered and swinging back and forth when you opened the door.  It had masking tape running across it in numerous places to hold it together.  I carefully opened the door and eased my bags outside, praying that the glass would not come tumbling out because of me.  Whew!  Made it.

The airport shuttle that picked me up promptly on time had a friendly Sikh driver.  He dropped me off at terminal 2.  Turns out I needed to be at terminal 3, but it was only a short walk across the car park.  Checking in was not much trouble, but I had a two hour wait for my flight.  I got a fresh apple juice and a bowl of muesili at a place called NRG (Natural, Regenerating, Good). 

I sat between two interesting people on the plane.  John Newton was a young Australian who starts up businesses and runs them.  One is Jumping j-jays.  They rent out inflatable amusements for parties and events.  He had been in China that morning and was headed back home to Brisbane.  He owns a house in Dallas and lives there part of the year.  He's not very happy that he lost a million dollars in the American economy though.  He encouraged me to visit China and gave me his card.  I can stay in his apartment there if I want to go.  The lady on my other side was an 81 year old sweetheart who was taking her first airplane ride.  She was being met at Brisbane by her grandchildren.  I helped her with her seatbelt and kept talking to her and answering her questions.  John Newton was chatting with her, too.  When we stopped to await take-off, she wondered why we were stopping.  I told her the pilot was awaiting word from the tower that it was our turn to go, and then we would go very fast down the runway and take off.  When we left the ground, she put her hands to her mouth and tears popped in her eyes.  I patted her on the leg and re-assured her that everything was fine, those awful sounds of wheels being lifted and the shaking were all normal.  Imagine, me, who didn't fly for many years because of fear being able to comfort someone about flying.  She soon got into the spirit of it, and had a cookie and tea from the flight attendant, and got up and went to the toilet.  She never did figure out how something as big as our plane could fly, though. 

I had an apple and a tea on the plane.  For lunch, I had a wrap of egg, luttuce, and tomato.

I wasn't able to book a shuttle to David Fielder's house from the airport, so I hired a taxi.  Another nice Sikh driver.  I sat up front with him so I could get a first look at Brisbane.  He delivered me to David's door for $65.00.

David and I walked to the shopping center.  First he got spare keys made, so I can come and go while he is at work.  He showed me the bus stop, and we went to the grocery store.  I bought things to make a salad, a quarter of a watermelon, an apple, and a nut/seed/fruit mix.

David does a martial arts that involves the use of swords.  I can't remember the name of it.  He recently competed in Korea.  He is also engaged to a lovely lady in the Phillipines.  They plan to be married in October.  David's friend, Bill came over and visited with his two children, Mattie and Cameron.  David and Bill both want to visit the States, so I invited them to come to Arkansas.  Travis and I may be entertaining Australians for awhile.  I hope so.

For supper, I fixed a green salad with cos lettuce, radishes and tomatoes.  David scrambled eggs with red bell pepper.  My supper was salad, a bit of the scrambled eggs, and watermelon.  David and I split the watermelon.

David showed me how to get on his computer, so I will be able to check in every day.

I got a nice shower and got to bed about 8:30.   When I took off my shoes and socks, I discovered that my ankles were very swollen which let me know that toxins are building up in my body.   My tongue was coated, too.

To health and happiness.


  1. i sat next to a young man interviewing at drexal college for a spot in their med school. I also answered some flying questions for him. He was worried when they gate checked his bag that is would cost him more. I assured him all was well and that they would return it to him right as he got off the plane for no extra fee. I so enjoy talking to new people and wished I did it as often and as freely as you do....yet another goal for me. Also I got a Amish book that gave me so insight on what I want in my life. I think I am going to have to read some more Amish living books...they so inspire me.

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