Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yong's Green Food

I got up at 7:00 and read my Bible readings.  I did two loads of laundry downstairs in Bruce's washer and then took them down to the coin laundry to dry them.  I walked around the neighborhood and went into some of the shops getting a last bit of the Elwood experience.

Lunch was tahini, apple, banana, and almonds.  I just found out yesterday that Bruce has raw tahini.

I bought a Greek salad at Cafe de Cuba for supper.  My plan was to clean the room I'm staying in, pack, eat my salad, and watch television.

But....Bruce came up the stairs with a beautiful lady that wanted to talk to me.  She invited me to go to dinner with her at a place called Yong's.  Yong's has several raw food selections on their menu.  We ordered a pot of tea to share.  I got the Nachos, and they were fabulous.  Robin got the pizza.  I got a bite of it, and it was really good, too.  I want to learn to make the Nachos at home.  EVERYONE will like them.
Raw Nachos
Raw Pizza
I decided to get Bruce some food from here to show a tiny bit of the appreciation I feel for his kindness to me.  So I got him the raw lasagna and the raw pecan pie.  They have to taste good, because they were beautiful.

Robin and me at Yong's
Robin has been high raw for six years.  She is part aboriginal, originally from Broome.  She is a barrister and a phD candidate.  We had a good time and learned from each other.  She inspired me to prepare more variety of raw food dishes, and I inspired her to keep it more simple.

When we got back to Bruce's, she bought a pint of nut based ice cream and we ate it out of the box.  It was good, too.

About 8:00, I finally got to clean the room and pack.  I will gave the Greek salad to Bruce.

To health and happiness.

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