Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lunch at Maureen's House

I read, cleaned up, washed my hair, dressed, and played on the computer all morning.  Then I watched some Dan McDonald videos and wrote down some recipes to try when I get home.  Here's one that looks nice and easy.

Juice 2 carrots, 1 head of celery, and 1 apple.  This makes 1 serving.  Celery is a powerful healing herb.  One head a day is good for optimum health...according to Dan the Man.  I also noticed that Dan juiced the whole apple.  I have been removing the seeds because I was told they are poisonous.

I visited with Ada down in the store for a while.  Also, bought a small watermelon from Bruce.  Mary and Avril picked me up at 11:45, and we drove about 20 minutes down the beach highway to Maureen's house for a raw food potluck luncheon.  Maureen's house is a modern, multilevel with lots of glass overlooking Port Phillip.  Beautiful.

The food was good.  Mary brought a beautiful green salad with dulse, Avril brought a carrot salad, Paul brought a salad with tomatoes and other good stuff, Reggie brought a mock tuna salad, Jan brought fresh pears and humus, George brought a beautiful humus, Monika brought a green fruity pudding, and Maureen made a green salad with a dressing, crackers, dehydrated seeds, kale chips and a kiwi-lime pie.  It was all delicious.  Only problem, I ate too much.  We made green tea after lunch and served it in the small espresso cups.

Avril and Mary with her salad.

The raw food luncheon

Hugh, Jan, and me enjoying the raw food luncheon.  Maureen in background.

Maureen's husband, Hugh, is a very good artist.  Painting is not his profession, but he is quite good.  He is having an exhibition soon, so we got to see the pieces that will be showing.

Mary took me and Avril back to Bruce's shop.  It was sad to say good-bye to Maureen, Mary, and Avril, but we are trusting that the way will open for them to come to Arkansas soon.

Avril, Bruce, and me at the shop.

I spent the evening in my room, playing on the computer, eating way too much raw foods (almonds, watermelon, raw food bar) and watching television.

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