Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back to Clohesy River

I slept later up at 6:00.  I got to chat on Facebook with my friend, Linda Morris.  So good to hear from folks at home.

I got everything packed and ready to go back to the farm.  John and Sarina arrived to pick me up at 9:00.  The hotel billed me for my internet usage at a very high rate even though I had paid $15.00 for 20 hours access time.  Turns out I had plugged into the broadband service which is different from the wi-fi service I had paid for.  They refunded my wi-fi payment, but that left me paying about $95.00 for internet.  By the time I learn everything I need to know to smoothly navigate through this world, it will be too late to use it!

Sarina took us around to get some supplies.  Rusty's Market is not open on Thursday so we went to Woolworth's at Raintree Shopping Centre.  I bought some water, and John bought fruits and vegetables.  We went to Kuranda to check out the organic shops there.  John got some dates, nuts, and young coconuts.  He also made some contacts with a couple of people that will sell his excess produce from the farm.  He was happy about that.  Our last stop with the Servo near the farm where we bought a watermelon for me.

After dropping my bags off in my cabin, I went up to John's house for lunch.   But first, I had to go out and check on my watermelon patch.  There are eleven plants up...two honeydews for John and nine watermelons for me.    The veggie patch looks like a jungle.  It doesn't look like it has been watered at all since we left, so many things have gone to seed.  It will need some work next week.
The melons....eleven of them up while we were gone....with no watering.

The grown up veggie patch getting a drink after a month of neglect.

There were three letters waiting for me that had come in the mail while I was from my Mom and two from friend, Theresa.  Theresa closed one of hers with, "Loving you with prayers".  Is that not the sweetest expression!

For lunch I only had watermelon.  I'm trying to make up for my sins of the past month.  I weighed 50k when I left here, and I weighed 52-1/2 k when I got back.

I got my computer set back up in the office, paid some bills via Bill Pay, payed John for my room and board via PayPal, and checked Facebook and email.

I unpacked and swept my room.  It's getting warm here in Queensland now.  It's time to start leaving all the doors and windows open.  Does that mean the critters can come in whenever they want?   We are out of mulch, so I am not able to put the Lugable Loo in my room yet.  Oh well, I still have the flashlight to go out to the toilets at night.

Before supper John checked out the condition of things.  Our celery is doing great.  John thinks the soil is about where it is supposed to be, because the plants fared so well while we were gone.  Many of the lettuces went to seed due to lack of water.  Maybe we will save the seeds, pull up the plants, and plant new plants next week.

My supper was watermelon and brazil nuts.  I practiced my flute for the first time in a month and then knitted some on my scarf.  I was asleep a little after 9:00.

To health and happiness.

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