Monday, September 5, 2011

Girls Day Out

I slept good on the sofa in the meeting room.  Internet works great here.  I-phone works great.  What more can you ask?

I got up at 8:00 and read, washed up, and dressed.  I checked in with Bruce downstairs in his store, then I walked around the neighborhood and over to Elwood Beach at Port Phillip.  It's quite beautiful with lots of upscale young soccer moms jogging along the paths in the neighborhood...many pushing a baby carriage or following a dog on a leash.  I bought a map of Melbourne at the news stand for $10.00.  I checked in at the store again with Bruce then took off walking in the other direction.  I wasn't able to figure out exactly how the public transportation works to get into the city.

Elwood Beach at Port Phillip

It turned into a beautiful, warm sunny day.  Maureen picked me up at my room at 11:30.  We picked up a lovely lady named Mary and then a lady I met at the meeting last night named Avriel.  We had the most delicious raw lunch at a place called the Vegi Bar.  I ordered the Raw Falafel Wrap.  It was excellent!  We all had a raw passion fruit dessert.  Superb!

Mary and Maureen at the Vegi Bar

Avriel and me at the Vegi Bar

Raw Passion Fruit Dessert
We had fun walking around the eclectic neighborhood and popping into the shops that interested us.  I got a lemonade fruit at a produce market and some raw food bars at a store that sold grains, seeds, and nuts.  We took Avriel home (she is 80 years old) and then went to an op shop (second hand store).

To finish off the afternoon, we went to a place called Monk's for a juice.  Not everyone can find Monk's.  You have to be shown how to get there by someone that knows.  It's back behind all the other shops.  I had an orange juice.  It was a fun day.
Sitting in front of Monk's.
I got back to Bruce's shop about 5:30.  I visited with him for a minute and met a couple of his customers. I was tired so went to my room without much delay.  Supper was lemonade fruit, almonds, and one of my raw food bars.

To health and happiness.

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