Sunday, September 4, 2011

Loss of a Friend

I was awake off and on through the night feeling sick.  My body is trying to go into healing crisis.  I have a headache and nausea.

I read my Bible readings and some in Living the Good Life.  I got a shower and washed my hair and then got some computer time.  I was worried about my friend, Judy Benton Lamb, who was non-responsive in ICU at St. Joe's in Hot Springs.  So many people were praying for her.  Later on in the day I got the very sad news that she passed away.  She fell Sunday coming in from church and broke her leg.  After surgery she had complications that led to the need of another surgery.  It's hard to believe she is gone.  She was so outgoing and could make every get together more fun.  Judy's grandmother and my grandmother were sisters.
Judy Benton Lamb

I talked to Travis on Skype.  He's getting ready for Molly and family to come up for the week-end.  I also packed some, cleaned out my Lugable Loo, and cleaned my room.

I went with Tina to Kuranda to visit an open house and fair at the Steiner school.  Tina wants her children to go to school here, but it is very expensive.  The school was impressive.  Beautiful grounds, the arts are emphasized, there is an amazing school garden.  Children are taught very practical skills like cooking, sewing, and knitting.  The walls are colorful.  The classrooms look like fun places to learn.  Tina and I each got a young coconut and drank the water then ate the meat from the inside.  We visited with some of the neighbors here around John's property and learned to weave coconut leaves.  Astrid, the celtic harp player from the concert, was there with her husband, Will, and her four children.

Steiner School Classroom

Tina and me enjoying a coconut water.

The Steiner School garden.

I got my Pediatrics lesson emailed to John.  I'm going to try to keep up with my lessons while I'm traveling.  It will partly depend on whether I have wi-fi- at the places I'll be staying.

I was happy to hear from my friends from Ryerson...Connie and Bruce.  So good to hear from them.

I had coconut for supper....just a little.  I don't have much appetite.

I finished reading Living the Good Life by Helen and Scott Nearing.   All packed and ready to set off on the Australian solo tour.

To health and happiness.

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  1. Janet, my condolences on your loss. God's peace to you and Judy's family.