Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gerson Therapy

This morning one of my chapters in the Bible was Exodus 5.  I found it to be quite beautiful.  I looked at it as the 10 generations from Adam to Noah describing our spiritual growth and the way we think.
1.  Adam = Red Earth
2.  Seth = Fixed, Put, Who Puts
3.  Enos - Mortal Man, Sick
4.  Cainan = Possessor, Purchaser
5.  Mahalaleel = Praising God
6.  Jared = Ruling, Commanding, Coming
7.  Enoch = Dedicated, Disciplined, Fearless, Just, Solitary
8.  Methuselah = He has sent his death.
9.  Lamech = Poor, Made Low
10.  Noah = Repose, Consolation, Comfort, Rest, Peace, Silent, Strong, Slow, Loyal Friend

At 10:00 I caught the Mercure Shuttle to the center of Cairns.  This shuttle runs every hour from the hotel to the city center and back to the hotel.  It's about a twenty minute walk, otherwise.

I followed two young ladies on the shuttle to Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises.  For tomorrow I booked the Kuranda Classic and for Wednesday I booked the Full Day Reef Cruise which includes a glass bottom boat and semi-sub.  Total for both $198.00.

I decided to walk back to the Mercure.  On the way I had lunch at an Indian place called Curry Express on The Esplanade.  My vegetarian lunch was jasmine rice and saffron rice topped with lentil curry and a chickpea curry.

I spent the afternoon surfing (the internet), resting, and reading.  I finished the Heidi book.  I read that book when I was a child, but I enjoyed reading it again.

I had supper at The Blue Mango Cafe here at the hotel.  I had peppermint tea, salad, and vegetarian pizza.

I watched The Gerson Miracle on You Tube.  It is a full length feature about Dr. Max Gerson's work.  People should know about The Gerson Therapy.   Dr. Gerson's daughter, Charlotte, carries on her father's work.  The Gerson diet is juices hourly, three full vegetarian meals, and fresh fruit for snacking at any time.  Charlotte Gerson said that obesity is hunger.  People are full but not nourished.  Here is the link to the movie:

Here is the link to the Gerson Institute web-site:

To health and happiness.

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