Friday, September 23, 2011

The Help

I am glad I don't have to do anything today.  I had a crazy dream about someone with emphesema.  I tried to tell her what I have learned about natural healing, but I knew she would not have "ears to hear".

I stayed in bed until 8:00, then I did my laundry.  David does not have a dryer, so I hung the clothes out on the clothes line.  They were dry in less than an hour.  David was gone to work, so I had free access to his computer.  What a way to spend a morning!  Loved it!

My Bible readings are going good.  I have finished 27 books, 39 to go in 84 days.  It's been enjoyable reading through the Bible again and seeing what resonates at this time.

I ate grapes and raw peanuts about 10:00.

I walked to an op shop called Vinnie's and bought three paperback books for $6.00... Heidi, which I already own at home, but I want to leave it at the farm.  It illustrates some of the principles of the simple, natural life...Robert Fulghum's Maybe (Maybe Not) which I plan to finish today and leave here...and Iris and Ruby by Rosie Thomas about a British grand-daughter who goes to live with her 82 year old grandmother in Cairo.  I have no idea whether it will be good or not, but it will be something to do at the airport. 

At Capalaba Central Mall I bought a slice of watermelon and a bottle of lemon sugar cane drink (product of USA) and enjoyed them both while sitting on a bench outside the mall.

I went to the cinema and watched The Help. This movie has made it onto my favorites list.  I cried and laughed and cried some more while walking home....along the highway...because it was getting a little bit dark.

David was home from work when I got back to the apartment.  He was cooking chicken and eggs.  I chopped up onions and tomatoes for him to cook in his fry pan.  In Australia, a skillet is called a fry pan.  He said a skillet is the rod for a shish kabob.  I used a frypan and steamed a sliced onion with some water and barbcue sauce.  My supper was lettuce leaves layered with avocado, green onion, tomato, barbecue onions, and barbecue sauce.  We had watermelon for dessert.

Facebook didn't seem to be working very well, so I gave it up and went to bed about 8:30.

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