Thursday, September 15, 2011

Toranga Zoo

I walked to Darling Harbour .  Since I got there before Captain Cook's Ferry Service opened, I walked across the harbor and back on the foot bridge.  My ticket for the zoo and the ferry ride was $50.50.  The ferry made stops at Central Quay and Fort Denison on the way to Toranga Zoo.  I thought the people that worked for Captain's Cook's were not very customer oriented.  They were friendly with each other, but didn't engage with their customers very much.
Captain Cook's Ferry 

At the Toranga Zoo, I took the sky car up to the zoo.  I shared the car with people from Atlanta.  I went to the Seal Show first.  The seals were little darlings.  So cute!  Then I went to the Free Flight Bird Show.  The peregrine falcon can fly over 300 miles per hour.  The birds flew very close over the audiences heads.  One of the birds touched my hair.  It was a good show.   I ate my lunch while waiting on the bird show to start.  I had avocado, orange, mandarin, pear, and nuts/seeds/sultana mix.  I sat next to a line of Muslim women who spread out a feast of all kinds of cooked foods, flat breads, fresh salad and fruit.  It really looked and smelled good.  I kept hoping they would offer me some since I was really curious about what it was.
Going up to the zoo on the skycar.

My favorite part of the zoo was the Kid's Trail because it had sustainable housing and a garden.  The house was new, modern, and beautiful.  Outside there was a rain tank and firewood storage underneath the tank.  There was even a cute outhouse.  I took a lot of pictures of the garden.  The little beds were all enclosed in netting or wire.  I wonder if that is to keep the critters out...or to keep the people visiting the zoo out?
Rain tank with firewood storage underneath.

The outhouse.

One of the covered beds.

After seeing the show at Imax yesterday about the orphan elephants in Kenya, I felt sorry for the elephant they had on display performing silly little tricks.  Elephants have high intelligence and strong family ties.  I just wondered what kind of cognizance he had of his situation.

My ferry back to Darling Harbour was at 3:45. At 2:45 I was too tired to walk another step, so I just went to the ferry pick-up area and waited on the bench until time to go.  When we docked at Darling Harbour, I bought a salad at Subway and then walked to Market City and bought a veggie juice (carrot, celery, apple, beet, and ginger).  In the grocery store I got 2 bananas, an avocado, an orange, and a pear.  I got turned around coming out of the store and walked the wrong way into Chinatown.  I don't like not knowing exactly where I am.  I quickly back-tracked and used my i-phone to get going the right way.  I got back to Sydney Central about 5:00.   I make it a point to get inside before dark every day.

I went to the lounge for computer time, then washed up without getting into the shower, and got ready for bed.  I had supper in my room and played games on my computer.  Supper was avocado, salad, veggie juice and mix of seeds/nuts/sultanas.  I loved my supper.  It was good.

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  1. Brings back memories! I seem to remember an owl grazing my head during that bird show too :)