Friday, September 3, 2021

Imperfectly Raw Day 15 9/2/21


Imperfectly Raw Day 15 9/2/21

Breakfast:  Coffee.  Water.  Lemon Ginger Blast

Girls, Be Brave Be Bold

Lemon Ginger Bladt

Microgreens and Sprouts:  Tended my broccoli and buckwheat microgreens and my alfalfa sprouts.  Also started some microgreens with a basic salad mix (broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, arugula, cabbage, and cauliflower). I use a little soil additive called Azomite when I grow in soil.

I cleaned out the refrigerator this morning to clear space for grocery pick up at Walmart this afternoon.  I love curbside pickup! 

Lunch:  Broccoli Microgreens, frozen bananas, dates, kiwi, spinach/arugula mix, chia seeds, miso, coconut water, Hot Springs water, frozen tropical fruit, and a few frozen strawberries to fill up the blender.

Snack:  Mango and a Rawmygod bar.

I worked at the boutique today.  Grocery pickup on the way home.  I made a grocery haul video!  Travis came in towards the end and says, “Who are you talking to.”  😂. And I shush him and give him a “you are in trouble face” as if the video will not record that.😂. And I don’t know how to edit!  I ruined my video!!!😂😂😂I should have just talked to him!

Dinner:  Leftover salad from yesterday with goat’s cheese, and Bragg’s Vinaigrette dressing and leftover Veggie Burger with whole grain chips.

After Dinner:  Kombucha

Practiced flute.  Watched PBS Newshour with T.   Tired.

xoxo Janis 

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