Friday, September 10, 2021

Imperfectly Raw Day 22, 9/9/21

 Imperfectly Raw Day 22, 9/9/21

Started off the day with coffee sweetened with coconut sugar and a green juice.  This green juice is supposed to be good for your skin, hair and eyes.  Here is the recipe for the juice.  We split this between the two of us:

Green Juice Tonic:  8 collard leaves (Walmart is out of kale), 1 bunch of parsley, 1 handful of spinach leaves, 1 stalk of broccoli, 1 cucumber, 1 pear, 1/2 of a peeled pineapple, 1/2 lemon, and 1" piece of ginger.  

The smoothie I made today is called a Pina Colada Smoothie.  Here is the recipe for two people.  Cut in half for one:

2 cups almond yogurt, 2 cups coconut water/water, 2 cups chopped pineapple (I used half of a pineapple and used the other half in the green juice), 2 bananas.

For my lunch today I had the Pina Colada Smoothie and a Lara Bar.  Later on in the afternoon I had a leftover chocolate banana smoothie from yesterday.

After work at the boutique I paid grandson, Zac, a visit at his Candy Bar across the street and bought a lot of goodies to take to the family in Magazine tomorrow.  The Candy Bar is now selling craft sodas so I got myself a Cheerwine soda and a bag of popcorn.  It was good to see Zac and support The Gaines Candy Bar.  Their homemade small batch candy is so good. 

But appetite was ruined, so dinner was only chips, hummus, and a kombucha.  Ugh.

Watched PBS NewHour with Travis.  Still reading Thinking Fast and Slow.  This book is an in-depth look at how we think.  It is a long book, and covers so many topics.  It is interesting how we ignore statistics and algorithms that are usually more accurate than our gut feelings.  Many times, even when we are made aware of probabilities we ignore them because it is easier to go with type 1 thinking that is fast and more difficult to go with type 2 thinking that requires effort.  We give too much weight to our intuition, discounting luck and calling it skill!  And we prefer to answer an easier question than the one asked.  For example,  my investments have done much better since the professional at Veritat, the start-up my son worked for in Philadelphia, advised me to invest my little bit of money in my 401k into  a certain mix of index funds.   I am glad I was able to be in the beta group for their project.  I have never changed the way he advised, and I have no regrets.   

I remember when I thought I would get rich choosing stocks on my own with the help of a professional stock picker called Stocks At Bottom.   My first purchase was Worldcom.  Remember them?  The market almost always performs better than professional brokers!  

Have you heard the hopeful news that a UAMS Research Team has found a potential cause of COVID-19 long covid?  My friend and next door neighbor works in the lab at UAMS.  She says there have been many projects since COVID-19.  Here is the link to the article:

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