Saturday, October 1, 2011

Looking for Koala Coins

Another early wake-up.  I heard John leave for Cairns at 4:00 a.m. before I went back to sleep.  I got up and dressed at 5:30.

There is a big spider in my room.  I know it is not a dangerous type, but it is SO big.  So I threw my shoe at it, and it scurried into the crack in the wall.  Maybe it will move into the cabin next door.  It is unoccupied at the moment.

Today is hubby Travis' birthday.  He must be 66 years old!  Here's hoping for many more!

I sort of Skyped with Amy, Phoebe, Connor, and Caleb.  They could hear me, but I couldn't hear them.  They all look good.  I love them all so much.  Son, Crockett, was at work, so missed seeing him.  After we hung up, I went into audio setting and changed the microphone selection.  It's all working again, now.  How do these setting change themselves?  I had a sweet conversation with Amy via Facebook messages.    I practiced my French a little while, too.

It's up to 82 degrees in my room.  I have opened up all the doors and windows, so there is a gentle breeze blowing through.  All the sounds of nature are playing in the background....the music of the spheres, John calls it..

I studied my Natural Hygiene lesson on History of Nature Cure about Harry Benjamin and sent my lesson in to John.

Lunch was watermelon, avocado, young coconut water and meat, banana with almond butter, and Brazil nuts

Temperature got up to 90 degrees by noon. There was a breeze, but it was pretty warm.  I read Iris & Ruby and took a nap.  The afternoon was spent reading, resting, knitting, practicing the flute, and on the computer. 

My plan has been to buy Koala coins to take home to my grand-kids.  I went to the Perth Mint website and they only had four left in stock, so I ordered them  The price was over $50.00 each.  I have more than four grand-kids, so the search continued.  After supper, I found a place called Fort Knox Metals that had them in stock.  They were the exact same coins...manufactured at the Perth Mint.  The price was $35.00 each, so I ordered four more.  How can Fort Knox Metals sell these coins cheaper than the mint?  I don't understand.  I have sent an email to the Perth Mint to see if I can cancel my order with them.  If I can, then I will order more from Fort Knox Metals.

Supper was the rest of my watermelon left over from lunch, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, sauerkraut, and a few pecans.  I took the pecans to my room and ate them later.

I knitted on my scarf until 8:00.  I like knitting.  Of course, this project doesn't take a lot of concentration, so I can let my mind wander...which is what my mind likes to do.

I read in Iris & Ruby until I went to sleep.

To health and happiness.


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