Monday, October 17, 2011

Paperbark Wasps

I woke up at 4:30 with a tummy ache.   I had to take my flashlight and trek over to the bathrooms.  I'm still experiencing thirst and a coated tongue.

Today I read in Leviticus, Joshua, Psalms, Jeremiah, Luke, and Romans

Travis called on Skype and caught me up on what's going on at home.  Maybe he'll go to the farmer's market and buy some purple hull peas to freeze for winter.

Cleaning John's office and the computer room was the job for the morning.  So many things will have to be gone through by John, himself, but it's cleaned as much as I dared.  John should be happy though.  I found $120 in a stack of papers on his desk.

A paperbark wasp (aka paperbark sawfly) stung me on the back of the leg as I walked through the garage to put something in the trash.  I did not provoke this one at all as far as I know.  It really hurts when they pop you, but so far no swelling or itching after the fact.
Paperbark wasp nest in the bathroom.
Here is a link with pictures of these hurtful critters.

I haven't mentioned it until now because I didn't want to jinx it.  I have not bitten my fingernails since I started my fast back on August 9.  I wonder what happened during the fast to cause that to change.  Nothing in the past has ever worked, and I have tried many things.

Lunch today was coconut, mango, banana, star apples, and yellow sapote.

Practicing the flute was difficult because of the moss flies biting me.  I'd play a bit and swat a bit.  I have a fly swatter on my wish list now, although I did manage to kill one with a knitting needle while I was knitting.

One of the questions in Lesson 47 Questions was  what is the difference between Natural Hygiene and Nature Cure.  John had to help me out on this one.  I knew they were the same in that neither uses medications or "cures".   It seems that Nature Cure uses conservative water therapy where Natural Hygiene does not use it as much.  Also, Natural Hygiene uses fasting more so than Nature Cure does.   There may be some dietary differences, too.

Eddie's car window is broken out.  We found a large piece of plastic in the garage and put it over the window in case it rains again.  Eddie and I sat out on the porch and talked awhile this afternoon.  He has learned that seeds and nuts may not be the best things for the health of the teeth.  He has been researching that subject since he's been here fasting because his 13-year-old son has three tiny cavities. They want to do something besides drill the teeth and fill them.  He thinks increase dairy products from raw milk will be helpful.  And some meat, also, for someone that young.  An older person probably would not benefit so much from the meat, according to Eddie.

John got in from the conference about 6:00.  I had already fixed my plate and brought it to my room, but I took it back up to the kitchen and finished it with him.  He brought us each an ear of organic corn.  Supper was cucumber, avocado, sauerkraut, and corn.

John said the the most difficult part of the conference was sitting quietly and listening to the speakers talk of effects as if they were causes.

It seems there will be several more clients coming in to the farm in between now and the time I leave.

An evening of writing, reading, and knitting finished off the night.

To health and happiness.

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