Friday, October 21, 2011

True Hunger

I woke up early at 2:30.  At 3:15, I got up and dressed to go to Cairns.  Dressing for Cairns is different from dressing for the farm.  It entails a little eye make-up, lip gloss, and jewelry!   I'm sure my banging around getting ready disturbed Eddie, but it couldn't be helped.

We left for Cairns at 4:00.  At Rusty's Market we bought papaya, avocados, tomatoes, custard apples, oranges, cucumbers, and a watermelon.  We saw Carol there doing her shopping and chatted with her...mostly about the RAIN.

At the radio station, John recorded his program while I had computer time and wrote a letter to a friend.  At 8:00 I went downstairs into the Raintree Centre where I got some cash out of the ATM, bought two Bic pens, a yellow flyswatter, brazil nuts, and Pantene hair conditioner.  John bought toilet paper, paper towels, Ajax, a spray cleaner, a floor cleaner, and three brushes to use for washing dishes and cleaning the coconut grater.

We went to the post office in the Raintree Centre.  I bought a box for $4.00 to use to mail home some of my clothes and other things I won't be needing any more while I am here.  I completely forgot about mailing my letters while I was there.

John dropped me off at Cairns Central to get my hair cut at 9:00.  A young lady named Jackie cut it.  Jackie lives in Cairns with her husband who is stationed at the navy base here.  My hair is okay, but I don't like it as good as the last haircut.  It has eight weeks to grow before I'll be home.  Once I get back to Adolfo, my hair dryer, and my flat iron I'll be able to do something different.

I went to the Post Office in Cairns Central and mailed my letters to the USA.

I went into a souvenir shop and found some little souvenirs to take home.  I got a refrigerator magnet, some bookmarks, and some little koala bears.

John picked me up at 10:00.  He took me to Cairns Crafts where I bought yarn and knitting needles.  I got enough yarn to make two more caps.

We went to the laundry and dropped off our dirty clothes and picked up our clean ones.  I am so impressed with the ladies that work in this laundry.  They do an excellent job and are so nice!

At Neil Organics we bought a small jar of macadamia nut spread for $15.00.  I had asked John to buy some almond butter, but he thought this macadamia nut spread would be better because it has not been roasted.  It's good, too.  I had some at lunch on my banana.

Back at the farm, John parked in the garage.  He normally pulls up to the house after buying at the market so we can unload the car.  Right now everything is so wet, he didn't want to tear up the drive by driving on it.  We unloaded all the purchases into two wheel-barrows and wheeled them up to the house.  I cleaned out the safe and threw away quite a bit of food that had gone bad.  We put up the new food, and then had lunch.

Lunch was watermelon, avocado, and banana with macadamia nut spread.

The computer worked fine today, so I got to check Facebook and emails.

Eddie's consultation was at 2:00.  Today is his 15th day to fast.  John is going to break his fast tomorrow.  There are several indicators on when to break a fast.  One is when the tongue clears.  Another is when you experience true hunger.  Eddie's tongue has not cleared, but when he was thinking about sunflower seed sprouts his mouth started to salivate.  True hunger is in the mouth, not in the stomach.  He is going to break the fast with mandarins.

Eddie is an interesting person.  He is an electrical engineer whose passion is growing trees.  He has scoliosis, and that is how he became interested in health.  He had such pain in his back that he left college to go to work, because he could do physical labor better than he could sit at a desk.  As his health improved, he eventually completed his engineering degree with honors.

He started eating healthy while still young.  As he tried to influence his parents to change the way they eat they told him, "We'd rather die in our 50's and eat like we eat than to live to be 100 and eat like you eat".  His mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer at age 52 and given three months to live.  Eddie went to see her and she was crying.  He said, "Mom, what are you crying for.  You told me you would rather live to be 50 and eat what you eat than to live to be 100 and eat what I eat.  You got what you wanted.  You're 52".  Then he told her to come and live with him instead of going home with her husband.  He told her he would teach her how to eat and live and she would live another ten years.  She came home with Eddie and he took off for three months to work with her.  After three months he had to go back to work.  His mom then went to visit her sister and then went back home to her husband and began to cook for him and the rest of the family.   Over time she began to eat the foods she prepared for the family and her cancer came back.  The second time there was no turning it around.  She died after five years.

Supper was tomato, cucumber and sauerkraut.  I had eaten some brazil nuts in my room while reading my book.

I asked John why I had stopped biting my nails during my fast.  He said I must have worked through whatever had caused me to start.  I believe it was an inherited encumbrance because nail biting is prevalent on one side of my family and I started biting my nails before I can remember.  But even inherited encumbrances can be worked through.  Isn't that marvelous!

After supper I took my laptop to my room and watched a DVD.  I am watching a 6 DVD set called Living the Field  The Biology of Transformation.  Tonight I watched the second half of the Lynne McTaggert video and the first half of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake's video.  That's all the battery power I had.  While I watched, I knitted on my son's cap.  It's easy to pray for someone as you knit them something. It's therapeutic.  I didn't want to stop.

To health and happiness.

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