Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gazpacho Soup

When I woke up at 4:45 the rain had stopped, but it was very dark.  I read my Bible chapters.

This cold, rainy weather continues on.  So far we have had over 6" of rain.  John worked outside some today feeding his trees.  My job was inside...putting together two bookcases.  John and I did the first one together.  I did the second one by myself.

It made my day to hear from my friends Mary and Connie.  They are both encouragers.

The down side of a solar hot water heater is the water is not very hot when there is no sun.  I got a lukewarm shower in a tiny drizzle of water.  

Lunch was papaya, avocado, banana, star apples, sapadilla, yellow sapote, mango, and grated coconut.  Everyone in Australia calls papaya paw-paw.

I spent a lazy afternoon listening to the webcast of the Sweet Adeline International contest in Houston, TX.  At one time my sister and I sang in a Sweet Adeline quartet called The Arkanstars.  It was so much fun. 

Consultations were at 2:00.  It was Eddie's 14th day to fast.  The bad taste in his mouth has disappeared within the last few hours.  He has started thinking about the food he wants to eat when he breaks the fast.  He's talking about a Gazpacho he makes with seaweed.  Sounds good to me.

Here is a recipe for Gazpacho Soup that sounds wonderful.  There is no seaweed in it, though.

Gazpacho Soup
4 tomatoes
1/2 med. white onion
1 clove garlic
Lemon juice
1 cucumber
Place all in blender and puree.  Strain.  Chill overnight.
Before serving add the following:
4 Tbsp cilantro
1 chopped green onion
1 chopped red bell pepper
1 Tbsp olive oil
1/4 cup diced mango

Yum Yum.

Eddie felt good enough to do some work on the computer after his consultation.  While he did that, I practiced the flute.  Then I worked on my Pediatrics lesson.

Supper was tomato, cucumber, avocado, sauerkraut, pecans, and a date.

I changed the sheets on my bed and got the laundry ready to take to Cairns tomorrow. 

There was no broadband satellite service this evening.  I guess the 240v batteries are drained.  We haven't had any sun, and Eddie and I both have been using the computer. 

I answered letters from my Mom and my grand-daughter.  They are ready to mail tomorrow when we go to Cairns.  I watched a DVD while I knitted on a cap.   A gecko watched me.

To health and happiness.

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