Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mowing Tall Grass is Hard Work

I woke up early with the Chinese women that had bound feet on my mind.  The peasantry did not bind the feet of their daughters because they had to work.  You could barely walk with bound feet, much less work.  So only the more well-off families practiced this status symbol.  So here's to the peasantry!    In line with my natural hygiene lesson on Women's Suffering, bound feet is an example from the past.  How about modern day high heels?  Are they not something harmful that is perceived to be a status symbol and a sign of beauty? They are better than bound feet for sure because you choose them for yourself and you can take them off.

Before going to work I read my Bible chapters, checked Facebook and emails, and blogged.

I started work at 7:50.  Today was a mowing day.  It was hard work.  A lot of it required pushing uphill into very tall grass, and mowing around the little banana trees and other trees.  The kookaburra was out watching me again.  While mowing, I gave myself a scare when I backed into a tree with a long pods hanging down.  I thought it was a snake!   I took a break at 9:30, then got back after it.  The mower ran out of gas at 10:30.  I found John and said, "The mower is out of gas, and so am I".  He suggested we knock off early today.  Yes!  I agreed.

I scared myself when I backed into this pod.  I thought for sure it was a snake.

Kookaburra was out watching me mow again.

Tall grass is hard to mow.

Mowed around the little banana trees.
Lunch was papaya, coconut, avocado, sapadilla, star apple, and an orange.  I took my orange to my cabin to have tonight.

There is a little scaly patch on my leg.  John says that is the least of my worries.  He said if I were to get a lot of them, then I would examine my lifestyle to see what I am doing to cause it.

After lunch I checked Facebook and news.  I took a nap.  I studied my lesson about C. Leslie Thomson.  He said, "Cure can only be achieved by rectifying the basic causes of ill-health (biochemical/structural/physiological) and involves self-understanding and personal responsibility".

Supper was lettuce leaves, cucumber, tomato, sauerkraut, avocado, pecans and a date.

I'm really feeling tired for some reason.  Mowing?  I didn't feel like playing my flute or watching a DVD.  So I played two games of Mahjong Titan...I lost both...and knitted on my scarf.  I ate a mandarin and the pecans I had left from supper.

My lesson from my teacher regarding mowing when I asked why we don't cut the grass shorter so it won't grow back so fast...What is grass for?  It protects the soil from erosion and from being exposed to the sun, it retains water, it brings nutrients to the surface, and as it breaks down it feeds the earthworms and nematodes.  Grass is also edible to humans in case you want to eat some grass.

I read some more in Wild Swans, but I won't be able to finish it.  It has too many horrific accounts in it.  The chapter that made me give it up was about the Japanese occupying part of China during WWII and the atrocities they committed on the population...especially what they did to the children.  So sad.

I'll have to find something more positive to read.

To health and happiness.

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