Monday, October 3, 2011

Wisdom of the Elders

This morning I finished weeding the pineapple/tomato patch.  Some of the tomatoes had not been staked and the vines were lying on the ground.  When I told John, he told me to figure something out.  I found a bamboo pole and a few pieces of scrap lumber which I used to rig up some stakes.  It's not beautiful, but it is half-way functional.

Next job was to weed the vegetable patch.  Most of the lettuces have gone to seed after being neglected the month we were away.  I tied plastic bags over the flowering heads which will enable us to catch the seeds.  Eventually we will pull the lettuces up and plant something else in the space.

I helped John finish putting compost around two of the trees  We put a wheel-barrow full of compost around each tree.

Lesson from my teacher while we were working was about living out the wisdom we have achieved from living so long.  We need to set the example, because the wisdom lies with the elders.  We need to stop catering to the young so much.  We can see where that has got us.  Sustainability is part of that wisdom that needs to be lived out.

I got cleaned up before lunch.  Lunch was grated coconut, star apples, papaya, avocado, and banana with almond butter.

In the afternoon I typed up my anatomy lesson and submitted it to John, practiced my flute, and read while snacking on Brazil nuts.

Supper was cucumber, tomato, cherry tomatoes, avocado, sauerkraut, and radishes.  I made a dressing from lemon juice, olive oil, and honey.  I've lost my appetite for this salad dressing, so I probably won't make it again for awhile.  I wasn't very hungry at supper.  John ate most of my tomato.

John let me borrow a DVD of a talk by Dr. Esser on The Simplest Way to Optimum Health.  I watched it in my room using the battery power of my laptop.  John says Dr. Esser was a lovely man.  I worked on my knitting while watching the DVD.  The scarf is half done.

I read in my journal from my May entries from before I left for Australia.  What a wonderful life I have!  I can't wait to get back to it.  Excerpts from May 21....The find of the day was a lovely, very old watercolor that fits perfectly in our French country decor.  It's in old faded mats and a worm eaten frame.  It was out of the frame, the frame was loose.  But Travis fixed it and now it's hanging in the living room.  Price - 10 cents....I got a plaque that says PARIS - 50 cents - and one that says BIENVENUE - 50 cents.  One is now on the bakers rack, the other by the front door.  I found a darling salad bowl with servers - Jalepeno design for $8.00.  It will be perfect for the spinach and corn salad I want to make.  It is a great salad bowl!   I had hummus and carrots for lunch...I think my knees are better today...I am studying the arteries and upper limbs....I got the other two bathrooms cleaned today.  And I watched a video to show me how to open the Wet Jet bottle and fill it with homemade solution...I practiced the flute...The house is looking very pretty and cozy with all the new accessories.  Tres French country!
Makes me a little bit homesick.

I read in the David Suzuki book and Iris & Ruby.

To health and happiness.

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