Sunday, October 2, 2011

No Daylight Savings Time Here

I already knew that Queensland does not use Daylight Savings Time.  They stay on Eastern Standard Time all year; however the southern part of Australia that is on EST does go on Daylight Savings Time.  This morning, I checked my watch when I got up, read my ten chapters in the Bible, and headed to the computer for an hour of Facebook, blogging, Skyping, and uploading pictures before time to go to work.  Suddenly, I realized it was already 8:00...time to start working.  I quickly shut everything down and started looking for John.  He was nowhere to be found.

I started weeding in our jungle of a pineapple/tomato patch.

About an hour later a big truck arrived bringing the first of three loads of compost.  John went out to tell the driver where to dump it.  I checked my watch, and it was 8:00!  I quickly walked over to my cabin and checked the time on my iphone...9:00.  What the heck!  I found John up at his house, and he confirmed that is was 8:00.  I am assuming that parts of EST zone went on Daylight Savings Time today...and the computer and iphone adjusted for it.  It's spring here, so they spring forward.  But here in Queensland, we stay the same.  John got an extra hour of work out of me today.

I got most of the patch weeded.  I gave out at 11:30 and quit even though John was still feeding one of the trees.  Tomorrow, I will finish it up and maybe start on the jungle in the veggie patch.
I was a dirty mess when I got through weeding.  It felt so good to get a good shower and wash my hair before lunch.  Lunch was grated coconut in coconut water, papaya, avocado, star apple, and banana with almond butter.

I took a nap after lunch for 1-1/2 hours.  I'm either tired or lazy today.  I don't know which.  I studied my Natural Hygiene lesson on the Anatomy of the Digestive System...Part Five.

Supper was cucumber, tomato, avocado, sauerkraut, pecans and one date.  I didn't like the sauerkraut.  It tasted like wine.  I think it's going bad, but John said it was okay.  I let him eat most of mine.

At dinner we talked about how most of the well-know Natural Hygienist are beginning to position themselves closer to the mainstream in order to take advantage of the mind-set of cures, especially as it relates to the selling of supplements.  Supplements are expensive and unnecessary; however, they create a good income for the one selling them.  "Cures" do not actually cure. It does not matter whether they are supplements, herbs,  pharmaceuticals, or most surgeries.   They suppress the symptoms which will manifest in some other way at a later time.  I must also clarify that to leave behind the many "cures" offered in the world and to live in health requires that one accept personal responsibility and address the cause of disease, which always necessitates a change of lifestyle.

I took some supplements when I first abandoned orthodox medicine, but I haven't had any for several years.  It's best to just keep your money in your pocket and change your lifestyle.

I told John the exception to that was last year when in Philadelphia, I met a lady who by reading my face told me exactly which parts of my body were giving me problems.  She told me to drink parsley tea for inflammation in my kidney.  So I made some parsley tea and drank it a few time.  John said, "If it stopped the inflammation, it stopped the healing".  Of course, that is correct.  Inflammation is the body's way of purifying itself of pathogenic matter.  But that's how easy it is to slip back across the line into thinking medically.  We want quick relief without giving the body time to do its work.

Tina went to town, and she asked me if I needed anything.  I had her bring me a bag of raw, unsalted Brazil nuts.

John lent me a book by David Suzuki called The Legacy An Elder's Vision for our Sustainable Future.  He says it is worth reading.  David Suzuki is a scientist/biologist.

I knitted on my scarf for a while and then read myself to sleep with Iris & Ruby.

To health and happiness.

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