Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sick Day

I'm feeling sick with extreme thirst, stuffed up head, sore throat and leg cramps.  I woke up feeling bad a little after midnight, drank some water and went back to sleep until 5:30.

There was a heavy rain beating down while I read my Bible readings today.  And then it rained and rained some more.

John came down to the cabins to bring Eddie clean linens, then he checked on me since I wasn't up and about.  When I told him I was feeling bad and was still trying to muster up the energy to get up and get dressed he said to just enjoy the day.   So I did!

John worked inside most of the day because of the rain.  He did a little mowing and fed a tree, but that's about all he could do in this weather.  This is not the typical rain for this time of year.  Normally, there are thunderstorms.  Today's rain is more like those of the wet season where the rain comes straight down and it rains for twelve hours at a time.

The rain let up a little bit about 9:00 a.m. so I took advantage of the break and got a shower.  The rain continued off and on all day, but I stayed all snug in my bed reading, sleeping, and knitting.

We had consultations at 2:00.  Today is Eddie's 12th day to fast.  We talked to John about the funky smell from the underarms when you are cleansing.  The right armpit comes from the liver detoxing, the left from the digestive tract most likely.  They smell completely different.  Eddie and I have been talking about this for a couple of days.  What interesting conversations one has at a fasting retreat!

I heard about a recipe for a salad dressing made from papaya, dill and lime juice all mixed together in the blender.  This is used over a salad of lettuce and cherry tomatoes.  I told John we should make this salad dressing.  John said he avoids seasoning herbs.  So I suggested we make some with papaya and lime for him and put some dill in mine.  When I said the dill would make it taste nice, he rested his case.  John teaches that if you have to season a food to make you want to eat it, then you don't need to be eating that food.  I still hope we get to make this dressing.

I'm looking for a good recipe for flax seed bread to make in the dehydrator.  And also for a good sunflower seed pate.

The knitted cap is finished.  I know where the mistakes are, but I like it anyway.  Next project...an Australian wool cap for my son.

To health and happiness.

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