Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eddie's Arrival

I slept until 4:45.  I read my Bible chapters and checked messages before starting work about 7:30.

John used the mower to mow around some trees so he could feed them.  While he did that, I put some fertilizer around the cucumber plants.  Hopefully, this will give the cucumbers a boost and they will keep producing cucumbers.  I put plastic bags over some more of the lettuces that have gone to seed so we can save the seeds.

I got to visit with Eddie for a little while.  Eddie lives in Mareeba right now, but he is looking for a property to buy where he can have a fruit orchard of about 1000 trees.  Before moving to Mareeba he had a 4000 tree orchard.  Eddie is a raw foodie.  He eats two meals a day, although at work when the guys take a break, he'll join them and have a juice or a piece of fruit.  He has a fruit lunch and a salad supper...same as John.  Although during the summer when the fruit is better than the salads, he will often have two fruit meals.  Eddie's young son is very good at martial arts, and he is a raw foodie, too.

After John finished with the mower, I took it over and mowed until 10:00.  The kookaburras were right there with me.  When they hear the mower start up, they know it's feast time for them.  Then I took a break to cool off and drink some water.  After that I weeded in the pineapples until 11:00.  We prepared lunch and cleaned up before eating, as usual.

Lunch was papaya, banana, avocado, star apples, mango, and grated coconut.

John started singing, "Get me to the church on time" from My Fair Lady.  This led to a story...This song was sung by Eliza Doolittle's father.  His occupation in the movie was a barrower, according to John.  In London there are very large markets where the growers come very early to sell.  They park their vehicles into spaces so that the produce in them is open to the aisles.  The wholesellers come early, too.  Most of the buying and selling takes place before the market officially opens, but none of the produce changes hands at this time.  After the market opens, the barrowers begin to make deliveries of the goods between the sellers and the buyers.  A barrow is a cart, similar to a wheel barrow, but with a built up back and sides.  John said these markets are gigantic and busy and produce is stacked up very high.  Sometimes a barrower will be dashing through the market and knock over a tall stack.  A shout will go up, and it will all have to get picked up.  Markets are interesting places.

After lunch I got computer time and finished the book The Millionaires.

We had consultation at 2:00.  Eddie is already on his fifth day of fasting, so he is beginning to feel a little weak.  He's knowledgeable about what he's doing, but he like's to come here when he fasts for more than a few days.  He told me he only fasts when he gets "crook" - Australian for sick.

I got my Pediatrics lesson typed up and sent to John.  Two quotes from H. Leslie Harrison that I liked...
"Healthy man being frightened of bacteria and virus is like a dinosaur being frightened of an ant."
"Nature Cure philosophy has a lot to do with logic."

On the way to supper I SAW A SNAKE!  John had instructed me that if I see a snake to stop and wait on the snake to leave.  Once the snake leaves, then proceed on where I am going.  If the snake does not leave then turn calmly and walk away.  Well, that is NOT what I did.  I jumped over the snake, screamed, and ran to the dining room.  It was green and black.  John said it is a green tree snake.  They eat mice and rats.

John took my picture of me modeling my scarf that I knitted.
Here I am in my scarf I knitted.
Supper was tomato, cucumber, sauerkraut, pecans, and a date.

I got on-line for a little while after supper and then played Mahjong Titans a couple of times.  It was a beautiful night with a full moon.  Here is what it looked like as I went to my cabin.
Full moon on the Clohesy River
My new knitting project is a simple cap.  I worked on it until 8:00....bedtime.

To health and happiness.

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  1. Okay. I'm going to go get the stuff to learn to knit, too. It was my idea. Now you are the second person I know who knits to pass time. I think it would be very calming. Maybe tomorrow I'll shop. Your scarf is beautiful. It looks warm for the winter. You succeeded. Whoo-ooo!