Friday, October 7, 2011

Joy and Happiness

I got up at 3:30 and dressed to go to Cairns with John.  We left here at 4:00 a.m.  Arrived at Rusty's Market a little before 5:00.  John bought our usual produce...papayas, star apples, avocados, tomatoes, bananas, coconuts.  I talked him into buying a small watermelon and a large sweet pepper.  He bought two ears of sweet corn, too.

I visited with Carol whom we see every Friday at the market.  Carol is a raw foodie who has known John for many years.  She spent a month at the farm as a client years ago.  Carol eats a fruit only breakfast, no lunch, and a salad or snatch and grab supper.  We talked about variety in food...or the lack of it.  When you only buy from sellers who always offer high quality, uncontaminated food, and you buy the food that is fresh and in season, that by default limits the variety available.

Both of us had the same experience of JOY or HAPPINESS returning to us after eating this way for a little while.  She talked about walking down Grafton Street one day and being flooded with happiness. My experience was similar.  I was driving home from work and joy flooded my soul.  I knew I was on to something that worked when that happened after being ill for so long.  It was a great feeling!  Joy, along with a feeling of being more connected and more aware, makes the lifestyle so worth it.

We went to the Post Office, then to the radio station.  I wrote my postcards while John recorded his program.  When the shops opened I went downstairs to the Raintree Centre and bought a few things...notebook, pen, magnifying mirror, tissues, herbal toothpaste, and water.  I had to buy a new magnifying mirror because the one my sister gave me years ago got lost somewhere in my recent travels.

We went back to Rusty's for wonderful sugar cane drinks.  I went into a music store and bought a music stand and some cork grease for my flute.  We drove out to Cairns Craft Centre where I bought more yarn.  Next I'm going to knit a cap.  We went to the Social Security Office, the hardware store, the laundry, and the gas station.

John went into the health food co-op to drop off notices of a talk being given in Cairns on October 29 about the true dangers of vaccination and your rights under the law to refuse to take them or give them to your children.    Then we drove to Kuranda, and he put the notices in two health food stores there.  At Kuranda, I mailed my postcards and bought a brown and black tie dyed t-shirt for $5.00.

Lunch was coconut, avocado, star apple, and half my watermelon.

After lunch, I checked e-mail, Facebook, blogged, and played two games of Mahjong Titans.  I practiced my flute using my new music stand.  It's much better having a stand to put the music on.  I studied my Anatomy Lesson on The Digestive System (Part Six).

Supper was avocado, sweet pepper, cherry tomatoes, corn on the cob, nuts, and a dried banana.

John told me tonight that when I go home, I will not have to follow his exact regimen.  For one thing, I will not have access to the same quality of food that he has unless I am able to grow it all myself organically in rich soil.  He suggested I continue with my green smoothies.  I LOVE green smoothies.  Another thing I can do at home is try to buy local when I can from growers that care about the quality of the food.  The important thing is to do the best I can in my circumstances.  I want to keep much of the simplicity I have experienced here, but I will modify the lifestyle to fit my situation and my personality.

The main thing is to listen to the body by paying attention to how you feel and what symptoms are manifesting.  The symptoms are always the body's attempt to find equilibrium, but sometimes they can also serve as wake-up calls that something in the lifestyle needs to change.  As C. Leslie Thomson said, "I am just a sign post.  ' This way health, that way disease'".   Well ....this way health....unprocessed and/or raw foods, pure water, fresh air, sunshine, walking/exercise, avoid stress, and prayer.

I watched part of a Bruce Lipton DVD called As Above So Below - An Introduction to Fractal Evolution and knitted on my scarf.  I read some in The Good Life by Scott and Helen Nearing.

To health and happiness.


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